Please lock your sheds – cycle theft alert

Residents may have been experiencing problems with broadband internet and telephone over the past couple of days. This is owing to a ‘denial of service attack’ on Friday which resulted in significant levels of spam traffic being put on the network. Fiber Options have been working to rectify this and have I believe put in measures to minimise the impact should it happen again. In the meantime, they advise rebooting your router if problems persist. We did so this morning and everything seems to be back to normal (fingers crossed!).

27 Feb 2014

Unfortunately, I have heard that there has been another shed theft (last night) again a bike was taken. The Police do not have much to go on without CCTV but recommend locking up the rear gate and shed and securing bicycles with security bands.

Please let your neighbours know to be vigilant as this is becoming a more regular series of thefts and take care. It has been suggested that the theft times are between 11.00pm and 1.00am.

18 Feb 2014

Just a reminder to make sure that sheds are locked and valuable items secure.

Unfortunately, in the last month there has been some theft from two sheds on Derwenthorpe (the incidents occurred on two different days).

On both occasions a bike was stolen.

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